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Craftsmen at Lustrelight Limited are highly skilled at cleaning period luminaires and will ensure the original patina is retained so that the fitting remains authentic and aesthetically correct, ccommensurate ith its age. 
Many period fittings require full restoration which involves taking each component apart, so it can be fully cleaned, repaired or when absolutely necessary replaced with authentic or replica components.  Often the light source needs updating to improve the functionality of the fittings.
With the phasing out of many GLS lamps, replacement lamps will not be obtainable in the near future. Rather than discarding your treasured table lamps, chandeliers and wall lights, Lustrelight can rewire them to take the modern day equivalent lamps which will also ensure that your lighting is safer and more economical to use.
If the lighting is too damaged, or you would prefer to replace it with brand new fittings, Lustrelight can give unbiased advice on the lighting possibilities and can source suitable lighting on your behalf, or point you in the right direction to find reputable, quality manufacturers.



To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact the office on 07970 353346 or email enquiries@lustrelight.co.uk